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Storm and Sewer Utilities

Storm & Sewer Utilities

Non Conductible Utilities: Locating non-conductible utilities such as plastic and concrete storm drains or sewer lines can be difficult. These non- conductible utilities frequently result in project delays and unplanned costs. Traditional methods based on backhoe excavation and inaccurate as-built drawings have been unreliable, to say the least. APS has found a cost effective solution.

Non-Conductible Locating: In addition to APS' standard underground utility locating services, APS now provides a variety of methods to locate and mark non-conductible utilities. Storm water, sewer, spare conduits, crushed conduits and stub-outs now can be accurately located using fiberglass push-rods with attached trace wire and/or transmitting "Sonde's" using multiple frequencies. APS equipment includes 120' to 1000' fiberglass rods with diameters of 3/8" to 9/16" and an assortment of electronic Sonde's for almost any operation. This cost effective solution to locating non-conductible utilities is becoming a great benefit in APS' efforts at damage prevention. APS also uses environmentally safe dye tablets as a method of locating pipes.

Video Inspection of Pipe, Sewers and Storm Drains: Storm drains and sewers can now be videotaped and located using state-of-the-art technology which includes push cameras for pipes 1" to 10" in diameter, and our new computerized mainline tractor system for pipes 6" to 30" and larger. We have the smallest and longest push cameras on the market. Using our push camera system, APS can now video tape and locate side sewers, empty conduits and virtually any pipe or conduit (for example, telephone and cable conduits built to accommodate future capacity). These new systems provide the most up to date and complete locating and damage prevention services in the industry.

APS' ability to locate the camera head puts us one step ahead of the competition, since we need not rely on footage counters.

Summary: Video inspection and locating work is often used in conjunction with our air/vacuum soil excavation (potholing) systems to non-destructively expose pipes, now easily accessible for depth charting or repair.

APS can add great value to projects that require finding not only conductible, but also non-conductible utilities. If you simply need to ascertain the interior condition of your sewer or storm systems, we can do that, too.

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