Some of the Utility Information Recorded:


• Depth to Top of Utility • Pre Design
• Depth to Bottom of Utility • Exposing Utility Conflicts
• Utility Type and Size • Soil Borings
• Road Surface Thickness • Directional Boring Test Pits
Utility Vacuum Potholing

Air / Vacuum Utility Potholing

We utilize a revolutionary technology called Air/Vacuum Excavation to locate, expose and map facilities. Air/Vacuum technology is employed to quickly and efficiently move soil from the test hole to holding tank on the truck.

Location & Surface Opening: Utilities are designated and marked using highly specialized electromagnetic and radio frequency instruments. Then, a 12 inch square opening is made just above the utility area.

Exposing (daylighting): The buried utility is uncovered via air vacuum high pressure "Airlance" which loosens the soil around the utility - without damaging buried facilities.

Soil Extraction (Air/Vacuum): A powerful air/vacuum pulls the soil out of the exposed area and deposits the material in a large mobile tank.

Depth Measurement & Mapping: With the utilities exposed, depth can be verified, and mapping/surveying activities can be accurately performed. Air/vacuum methods help achieve desired results, especially critical with the increasing emphasis on trenchless technology-directional bore construction.

Result: Utilizing Air/Vacuum technology, the entire process takes approximately 45 minutes per hole, is completely safe and environmentally compliant. The only evidence of APS presence is a 144 square inch (or as in this case, round) patch.